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Don't Forget to Date your Fiancé: Our Top 4 Date Night ideas

Who doesn't love a good date night? But sometimes it takes forever to come up with an idea all on your own. You came to the right place because in this week's blog I will be letting you in on my date night secrets 🤫 my top places and things to do for an amazing date night! Oh and I'll also drop the links so you can check them out!

1. D'Corato Ristorante Italiano

If you love italian food then this is the place for you. It is a small restaurant located in downtown Sarasota with the perfect romantic vibes. If you're looking for a quiet, romantic, secluded place then you have to go check the out. Also, did I mention the food is absolutely delicious. The best italian food I've ever had!

Click HERE for their website

2. The Westin Rooftop

Ok so if you're into more of a modern chic vibe then I would definitely recommend The Westin rooftop. The view of Sarasota from the rooftop is absolutely breathtaking and makes for gorgeous date night pictures. They have a bar with a seating area and a comfy lounge area so you can relax and enjoy the view with your future hubby! And of course with a drink in your hand 🍹

Click HERE for their website

3. Farmer's Market at Lakewood Ranch

This is more of a day time activity but still a great option! The Farmer's Market at Lakewood Ranch has amazing vendors. You can find anything from food to clothing and much more. It's a great way to explore and try new things or foods that you wouldn't normally eat and have a wholesome day out with your fiance. Also, it's a great way to shop local!

Click HERE for their website

4. Topgolf

If your fiance is anything like mine then he loves golf! Topgolf is a great way to make your fiance feel good about you taking a part in things that he loves (it's actually kind of fun too lol.) Regardless of whether you're a fan of golf or not you should definitely check out Topgolf.

Click HERE for their website


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