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Tips for Your Wedding Dress Alterations!

Congratulations! You're probably reading this blog because you just said YES to the dress, or maybe you are doing your research for when the time comes. Whatever the case is these tips will be useful for any alteration appointment. Something Blue Bridal Boutique in Bradenton, FL let us in on a few alteration secrets.

Kristi Dole, owner of SBBB, tells us that brides should know that alterations usually start 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. At that time brides should have toned or lost the weight that they wanted to lose because any changes will affect the dress (Most seamstresses don't like to take the lace off multiple times or take apart seams). Kristi also reminds brides to bring whatever undergarments they're going to wear on their special day to the alteration appointments.

Now onto the topic of shoes! Kristi advises that your shoes be comfortable because you don't want to have to take them off. Taking off your shoes may result in your dress becoming a floor sweeper and it can ruin it. That's the last thing you want on your wedding day!

Kristi explains that there is typically 2 to 3 appointments to make sure everything is perfect for the big day! Pro tip: She also suggests that the bride bring someone else besides mom to the last appointment to learn to bustle the dress.

If you are looking to say YES to the dress visit Kristi at Something Blue Bridal Boutique in Bradenton, FL for all your wedding attire needs! Everyone on her team is amazing!


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