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Tips When Selecting Your Wedding Cake

Updated: May 10

Cake, cake, cake! This is one of the sweetest (no pun intended lol) moments during your wedding planning process. Whether you already have a vision in mind and know what cake flavor you want we always recommend doing a cake tasting with a baker.

Selecting your Wedding Cake

What is a cake tasting and what does it entail? So basically you will spend about an hour or so trying different cake flavors and frostings with your baker to create the perfect cake for you.

SAEP Tip: We recommend that you schedule your cake tasting about six months from your wedding!

White wedding cake

Whether you want a small one-two tier cake or multiple tiers, your wedding cake is a detail that deserves attention!

How your cake looks is just as important as taste—you've got to think about flavors, fillings, frosting, colors and if you want to add a cake topper!

If you're not sure where to even begin, talk to your SAEP Planner and we can guide you in the best direction!

Black Wedding Cake

Prior to your cake tasting:

  • Know your budget

  • Have inspiration images (pinterest or social platforms are great places to get inspiration)

  • Browse through your desired bakers portfolio/social media or website

  • Consider your wedding colors and theming

  • Consider your favorite flavors and what your guests would like


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