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3 Questions To Ask Your Venue Before Saying I Do

Updated: Jan 8

After figuring out what your budget is for your wedding you'll want to do some research on venues in your area. I would recommend finding three venues that you love and making an appointment to tour them. I wouldn't schedule too many tours because you'll begin to feel overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions you will have to make. I recommend sticking to three venues tops. While your touring your venues I would recommend asking them these three questions :)

1. Will I be the only event this day?

You want to ensure that you are the only event in your event space happening that day. Your venue may have multiple event spaces and that's totally fine just as long as there isn't another wedding or event that will be utilizing the space you have rented from them. I have found that when venues have multiple events happening in the same space on the same day it can get stressful and overwhelming for guests and the couple.

2. How many hours do we get for setup and teardown?

The main reason for this question is to know from what time to what time your have the event space for. many venues will tell you that you have it for the whole day so really your vendors can come in at whatever time works best to set up and your tear down will usually begin at your end time. You want to make sure you know how much time you have after your end time to have vendors tear down and pick up their stuff.

3. Am I required to use certain vendors or can I bring my own?

This is probably the most important question if you are looking to use your own vendors. Some venues require you to use their preferred vendors while others will recommend their preferred vendors, but not require for you to use them on your wedding day. It all depends on what you are looking for... if you are a bride that wants an all inclusive package with everything taken care of then knowing you have to use the venues vendors is great! If you are a bride who wants to bring in their own vendors then you want to make sure that you can.

Being prepared for an appointment with any of your vendors is essential to get the most out of your call or meeting. Stay tuned for more great tips for the modern day bride and groom!


Are you excited to start planning your ideal wedding? I can't wait to hear from you! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation :)

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