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3 Reasons to Hire a Videographer

Are you thinking about possibly hiring a videographer for your wedding? This week we have Jimmy at Second Take Media giving us the scoop as to why he feels couples are loving videography! This is what he had to say:

"There are probably many reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding, but I want you to see it from a videographers perspective. The wedding day goes by a whole lot quicker than you’d ever expect. You’re stressed and rushed while trying to get things done before the big day, and all the while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. There are many moments that your photographer will capture in photo that really don’t translate the same when watching a video."

1| Emotions encapsulated with sound and movement

Often, your videographer will be somewhere not so obvious to capture the perfect moment.

Videographers see things from a different perspective and see the emotions you and your partner feel in the moment. A few minutes after your first look, first touch or even first dance we must keep on with the timeline and sometimes you wish you could stay still in that moment; enjoying each second. This is something a videographer will be able to encapsulate for you forever.

2| There's so much more going on

There’s so much more going on at a wedding than what the bride and groom can usually see. While you’re enjoying certain moments with your now hubby; you’re not watching your family and friends and their own moments while celebrating the best day of your life. While you’re dancing, you’re not getting to see your mom and dad dancing cheek to cheek to one of their favorite ballads.

3| Reliving your wedding day

You get to relive your wedding day over and over, moment by moment, word for word and sound by sound. You’re very likely to hang plenty of your wedding photos at home and pass by them every single day, but when your anniversary comes you can sit down and relive your entire wedding day. Your videographer can provide you with a few minutes of video or the entire footage. Your wedding video will become an important keepsake and family heirloom that you’ll treasure forever!


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