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3 Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Ahhh… the perfect ring. There’s a lot of rings that come to mind right now that are absolutely perfect, but I know not everyone would agree. Everyone has different styles and different opinions and that’s what makes the world so interesting! So lets talk about a couple tips on

how to find the perfect ring for your significant other. After all, we are approaching engagement season ;)

1. Take your partner with you one day just to scope out what they want.

There are so many different types of rings and likes and dislikes when it comes to engagement rings so one of the best things that you can do is ensure that you and your significant other are on the same page and then everyone will be happy (or at least we hope so). Take them out and just go window shopping, nothing more.

2. Size only matters if you or your significant other think it matters.

It has always been a big thing that the bigger the ring the better the ring and that isn’t always the case. First of all, the most important thing about this ring is the meaning behind it not how big or small it is. Second of all, make sure that you and your significant others priorities are the same, maybe depending on those priorities you can compromise on some things like the clarity of the diamond or maybe the color of the band. Nowadays, it is very popular to not have a showy ring so go with what you like and own it.

3. Do not choose an engagement ring based on a trend.

Please please do not make this mistake! An engagement ring should be a timeless symbol of your love that you will wear forever so you want to find something that represents just that not something that is cool now but your significant other won‘t necessarily adore. Take a look at what they currently wear and if they usually like statement pieces or not, that should give you a clear indication of which way you should go.

You want the ring to be perfect but always remember that it is not about the ring itself but the meaning and commitment behind it!


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