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3 Ways to Incorporate Children Into your Wedding

Updated: Jan 8

You may be thinking how to incorporate your children in your wedding to make them feel special. I've seen a ton of different ways to incorporate children in ways that are fun and meaningful to them. You have probably already thought of flower girl or ring bearer roles, but there is more that they can do that they will also enjoy. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging! Here are my top three ways to include your little besties.

1. Bring them to the cake tasting

You'll instantly become the coolest parent ever if you offer cake for lunch. Showing your children you care about their opinions will make them feel special, and they'll love telling guests they helped pick the flavor of the cake. Bonus: If your child's choice isn't your cup of tea, see if your baker can go half-and-half with both of your choices.

2. Share a first look moment

The anticipation of this will make them feel like it's Christmas morning. Having a first look with your children (after you and your partner have had yours alone) will make for amazing photos, but will also be a time to bond as a family and talk about the exciting moment that's about to happen.

Bride with flower girls

3. Ask them to walk you down the aisle

Whoever walks you down the aisle doesn't have to be your dad or parents. Have one or all of your kids walk you to the altar to switch things up and make your procession extra-meaningful. This idea is especially great if your children are older.

I hope you found these three ideas helpful and will take one if not all and include them into your wedding. Let me know which idea you liked the best and which one you will incorporate. Always love hearing from you all!


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