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4 Tips For A Great Best Man/Maid Of Honor Toast

I'm so happy you're here! This week's blog is a great one to share with your bridal party especially your best man and maid of honor. After executing many weddings I have seen amazing toasts (yes I get teary eyed, don't tell anyone) and some not so amazing toasts. I have outlined my top four tips, I hope these help!

Tip 1:

Write it ahead of time! At least bullet points so you don't get off on a tangent.

Tip 2:

Keep it clean. No one wants to hear stories about things that should be kept private.

Tip 3:

Remember your drink/champagne.

Tip 4:

Hold the mic close so everyone can hear you!

Don't forget to share with your best man and maid of honor! Cheers to a successful wedding toast 🥂


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