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5 Beauty Tips to Prepare for Your Big Day

LH Bridal Artistry is an on-site hair and makeup company based out of Florida, specializing in weddings, special events and photoshoots. Owner and lead stylist, Lauren Hammond, strives to bring her client's visions to life for their special day.

We are so lucky to have LH Bridal Artistry giving us all their most important tips on preparing for your big day! You won't want to miss these 5 beauty tips.

First and foremost!

Find a bridal hair and makeup artist that you love! Their work should reflect exactly how you want to feel and look on your wedding day! The photos on their website and social media should resemble most of what you're looking for style wise. Lastly, check them out, via zoom or phone call. You want someone who you trust and get along with well!

Tip 2

When should you get your haircut or color before the wedding? I like to tell people to get a haircut 3-4 weeks before their wedding. Coloring is a little different, freshly colored hair can sometimes make the hair too soft. I think somewhere between 1-3 weeks is good, unless you have a ton of gray, stick closer to that one week mark!

Tip 3

Hydrate! Not only is water good for the morning after the rehearsal dinner, leading up to the wedding it is one of the easiest ways to have hydrated skin. Water also promotes hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy!

Tip 4

Makeup artists are magicians, they really are! Unfortunately they are unable to cover up fine lines and any unwanted texture in the skin. A really good skin care routine is super important. It gives the makeup artist a great canvas to start with and only improves their ability to enhance beauty!

Tip 5

Just like you shouldn’t go to bed with makeup on, do not try anything new within weeks of your wedding. Make a plan with your hairstylist and your esthetician as soon as you have your wedding date. Have a vision and a goal for what you want your hair and skin to look and feel like and start the process as soon as possible. As you get closer to the wedding remind everyone your working with not to try new things especially if you have a sensitive skin or scalp! The last thing you need is having a hair disaster!

LH Bridal Artistry takes pride in having in depth consultations with each one of their clients. They ask questions to make sure they fully understand your ideal look. It means the world to them to give their clients the experience they deserve!


Are you ready to begin planning your wedding? Click HERE for a complimentary consultation.

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