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5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask When Planning Your Wedding!

Are there some questions you just really don’t want to ask because they are uncomfy? Well, we are here to make sure that you have the answer to at least some of those questions!

1. We have family members that don’t get along… how do we go about the seating chart?

Although this can be a very uncomfortable situation, the guests that are at your wedding are there to celebrate you and the day is all about YOU. So it is not your responsibility to resolve any feuding going on between your guests. What you CAN do is seat them away from each other… like as far as humanely possible! If you feel like things could get out of hand then you can also have a one on one conversation with the parties involved and make sure they understand that funny business is not allowed.

2. Am I supposed to wear underwear under my wedding dress? If so, what a kind?

Wearing or not wearing underwear is COMPLETELY up to you! Buuuut, if you decide to do so, we recommend you wear an underwear very close to your skin color and definitely make it seamless underwear. So no matter what kind of dress it is, you wont be able to see it in any pictures :)

3. Will my ceremony be boring?

This question is one that not all want to ask but you might still be thinking. There is a very simple answer for this... you are in your head about this! Remember, all of your guests are there to celebrate you in the first place! The only suggestions we would make are:

  • Don’t make your ceremony any longer than 20-30 minutes

  • Have an officiant that knows you well and can personalize the ceremony with stories about you guys that will not only make the ceremony special for you, but will also entertain your guests.

Although you want to make the day as perfect for your guests, make sure you realize that your guests are there for YOU! The day is for YOU so make sure it’s AMAZING :)


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