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5 Tips For An Epic Engagement Shoot

Are you getting ready to do your engagement shoot? Here are some amazing tips (if I do say so myself) that will make your shoot that much more epic! Let me know in the comments which tip is your favorite.

1. Choose a color that you would love to see in your house (so you can put them in frames and compliment your decor.)

Nothing is worse than getting your pictures back from your amazing photographer and realize that you don't want to display them because they don't make sense with your decor. When picking out what to wear and your location make sure that it makes sense with your style and vibe. Trust me, you will want to frame your gorgeous pics!

2. Get professional hair and makeup done

Pro tip: Schedule your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your engagement shoot so that way you will be glammed up for your shoot.

3. Don't mix patterns

I always recommend couples to figure out what they are going to wear ahead of time. I recommend for the bride to wear a pattern (if she wants) and the groom to wear a solid color shirt matching the bride.

4. Bring props

Typically, your photographer will bring any props they want you to use, but if there is anything special that you want incorporated into your shoot don't forget to take it.

5. Choose a location that is easy to get to and allows you to shoot without a permit (your photographer can help you with this)

Lastly, choose a location that is easy to get to because you don't want to get your hair and makeup done to then have to walk a mile to get to your location. You'll get hot, sweaty and it's just not a vibe for that day. You can always ask your photographer if there is a location you are not sure about that may require a permit.


Are you ready to start planning your beautiful wedding day? Click HERE to schedule a consultation!

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