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A Stunning Tampa Museum Of Art Wedding | Stephanie + Justin

Updated: May 10

Stephanie and Justin Tampa Museum of Art wedding exuded elegance and beauty. Their vision was a black and white theme and that's exactly what came to life.

Stephanie and Justin have been together almost 7 years. A journey that began with a swipe on Tinder and culminated in a breathtaking wedding celebration that left everyone in awe. From a surprise proposal at the highest point in Georgia to a wedding that radiated modern elegance, their story is a testament to love. They had finally reached the day to say 'I do' and they were ecstatic!

Stephanie and Justin started the day by getting ready with their people! The atmosphere was full excitement and the best nerves! As soon as Stephanie stepped into her dress, it she was transformed into the most gorgeous bride.

Stephanie had a very special first look with her dad, stepdad, and grandpa. There was laughter, "wow's" and a lot of tears! This definitely set the tone for the whole day.

Soon enough guests started arriving into this modern black and white themed event and it was a sight to see! And let me tell you... that ceremony was a MOMENT. From the florals, to the bridal party, to Jax, the ring bearer, everything was PERFECT. As Stephanie and Justin's ceremony unfolded, a palpable energy filled the air. Set against the stunning backdrop of Tampa Museum of Art. The ceremony became the emotional centerpiece of their wedding day, symbolizing the beautiful merging of Stephanie and Justin's lives.

Following the exchange of vows, the couple took portrait photos and the reception took center stage. Adhering to the stylish black and white theme, the reception space awaited guests, prepared to usher them into a night filled with dancing, laughter, and so many memories.

The party officially kicked off with the couple getting on the dance floor for their first dance followed by a surprise mother daughter dance, father daughter dance, stepfather daughter dance, and mother son dance!

Cake cutting a whole lot of dancing followed! The dance floor was packed with laughter, joy, a traditional Venezuelan dance, maybe a huge robot with lights, and a cow that brought out the late night snack... Chick-Fil-A.

As the night ended, Stephanie and Justin's night left everyone with smiles on their faces and memories that will never be forgotten.

Some advice from the couple: "Plan and give it all you’ve got but when wedding day comes just sit back relax and enjoy the ride because it goes by extremely fast"

The team that made it all possible:

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