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All Tips for Your Engagement Shoot- By Chrissy Ann Photography

So we know that the wedding is so exciting and everybody hypes up the wedding so much and don’t get me wrong, were there with ya. But why doesn’t anybody talk about how exciting all the things that come before the wedding are! Well on this week’s blog we have Chrissy Ann Photography breaking down all things engagement shoots for us.

What is an engagement shoot + Why should you have one?

An engagement shoot is a celebration of you and your partner deciding to get married! It is an exciting time and booking a photoshoot gives you something that you can look back on and see how happy you were in that specific moment early on during the engagement.  Most couples choose to do an engagement shoot for a formal announcement to their friends and family, and to have photos to create their invitations and save the dates! Even if you don't wish to do it for those reasons, an engagement shoot is also a very good way for you to get to know your photographer prior to your wedding day! 

What to expect during your engagement session?

During your engagement session you can expect to show your love! Your photographer will want to capture those moments of you two being head over heels in love with each other! So be prepared to hold hands, hug, kiss, spin around with each other and just show how much you truly enjoy each other's company! Most engagement sessions range from about an hour - two hours, depending on locations and outfits. 

What to wear to your engagement session?

Some photographers may let you bring multiple outfits- Personally- I let my couples bring two outfits to these shoots- one more formal, and one more on the casual side that you are comfortable in that showcases who you are as a couple.  You would be changing about half way through the session to the second outfit.  With these outfits- showcase who you are, and rock it! I love the soft neutral colors with minimal patterns as one option. You never want the outfit to take away from you in the photos. I will be there for you every step of the way when choosing outfits if you want as well! 

An engagement shoot is a special moment for you and your partner. Soak in every moment that you possibly can and have that engagement shoot!


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