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Creative Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! It is the perfect day to celebrate your love with your significant other! Sometimes we get busy so here are a few last minute ideas for the day of love!!

1. Dinner for Two

You can never go wrong with a dinner for two! Whether it be at home or a nice dinner out spending quality time with your significant other while you enjoy some food could never really be a bad idea!!

2. Take a trip down memory lane

This is a great idea for those hopeless romantics that love to reminisce! Visit some of the special spots that have meant something in your relationship around the city! Visit the spots that are meaningful to you!

3. Build a fort and watch a movie at home

This one may sound a little cheesy but it would be very cute to act like little kids again and build a fort and watch a cozy movie!

4. Videogame marathon

So, not everyone likes video games but for the people that do, a video game marathon can sound like a dream!

5. Have a paint night

Okay who doesn't love a good paint night? It's so romantic and you also get to spend a lot of quality time with your significant other!!

Every day should be a day to celebrate your love with your significant other, but days like Valentine's Day remind you that the romance and the love is important!


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Photo Credit: @chrissyannphotography

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