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Daniela + Gianfranco | Turtle Beach, FL.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Daniela and Gianfranco tied the knot on December 5th, 2020 and I couldn't be happier to share their perfect moment in this blog. Check out what tips she has for future brides and feel free to take any inspo.

What was your Wedding Style?

My husband and I decided to go with a more romantic wedding style. We love a room with dim lighting so we decided on a dark moody space and some candles as centerpieces to give it that romantic touch that we were looking for. We got married on the beach with the sunset behind us and it was exactly how I pictured it, couldn't have been happier!

When it came to planning your wedding, what was most important to you?

My husband and I really wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy their time. I felt like I should invest more into the entertainment, food etc than the rentals and decor so that's what we did. I can definitely say that everyone had a blast and I'm so happy because that is exactly what we wanted.

How did hiring Stephanie Arias Event Planning help you plan your dream wedding?

I couldn't have done it without Stephanie! She is phenomenal and really invests her time into creating an event that you will love. She not only was my wedding planner, but we became friends and still keep in touch. She guided me through it all and I couldn't be more grateful for her. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a wedding planner that will truly care for you and your big day.

If you could provide a tip to another couple planning their wedding, what would it be?

I would tell them to book their vendors early. It is never too early to start and I would definitely start with the venue and planner. I would also like to say that if you are not considering having a wedding planner or even day of coordinator you should! At first, I thought I could handle everything myself because I wanted to save some money on a planner, but I quickly realized that I couldn't handle it all. The right planner is worth every penny!

Where did you say YES to the dress?

Barbie's Boutique in Sarasota, FL.

Vendor List

Bridal Gown: @barbiesboutiquesrq

Venue: @casanticasrq

Caterer: @casanticasrq

Wedding Planner: @stephanieariasep

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