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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Cakes By The Rustic Bliss Cakery

The topic of this week is all things sweet... which means WEDDING CAKE with the one and only Ashley Pelham, the owner of The Rustic Bliss. Ashley is going to go ahead and break it down for us!

1. Cake tastings are a MUST!

You have made it to the fun part! While tasting cake flavors totally rocks your taste buds, this meeting also gives you an inside look into the cake artist and their brand. Like most things in life, you want to be able to vibe and be compatible. Your baker is customizing flavors AND designs to be the star of the show (aside from the newlyweds, duh). When choosing flavors, I always recommend something that you both absolutely LOVE! It is your day after all, right? If you are anything like my hubby and I, we have complete opposite palates. Not to worry, having two options for guests has never been a bad thing!

2. Understanding the impact of your guest count

You are getting RSVPs in left and right, it's time to start adding up all of your loved ones! Your baker will need to know an estimated guest count to be able to point you in the right direction for cake size. A cake too large means waste and tons to take home but a cake too little means your guests are missing out on the sweetest part of your day. A good rule of thumb is to scale back your cake to leave out roughly 20% of your guests. This gives wiggle room for those people not wanting a slice (crazy, I know!)

3. Knowing your budget

Unlike grocery store cakes, wedding cakes are typically priced by each scrumptious slice. They can range from $2-$15 a slice. Huge price gap right? Quoting for such a prestigious cake comes with SO many variables at play. Take icing for example, do you prefer silky buttercream to a smooth fondant finish? If so, you are in luck! The buttercream will typically price lower than fondant. Fondant work can be very time consuming AND expensive. If you are wanting elaborate patterns, sugar flowers, vibrant colors, or handmade items... expect to pay your cake artist for labor charges.

4. Designing is icing on the cake, but literally.

We are almost there, hang on tight! Designing is not for everyone. Your cake artist should guide you into a style that fits your overall mood and your budget. You want your cake to be compatible with the aura of your reception. As your wedding cake should be a jaw dropper, it shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. Your decor has effortlessly carried from your ceremony to your reception, and now onto your cake! Are you a rustic cake type of duo or are you wanting something more elegant? No matter your style, your cake artist should show you examples of their work coming to life. Oftentimes, couples find exactly what they are looking for within the baker's portfolio. If all else fails, Pinterest has endless ideas!

5. Displaying your work of art, ahem... I mean cake

Like any good work of art, the frame surrounding the piece must be stunning! It is the same when it comes to displaying your cake. First and foremost, ALWAYS consider the weather and/or environment that your cake will be in. All of your planning can come crashing down very quickly if cakes are left in the wrong environment. For example, summertime isn't exactly the best time of year to have your cake table outdoors. Choosing to display your cake indoors? Be sure that your table is not in direct sunlight and will not be easily bumped.

Now it is time to move on to your table decor! The most common cake decor is your cake stand along with a cake topper. Not all cake stands are created equal. Double check with your baker that your stand can sustain the weight of your cake. Your wedding planner and/or reception stager can coach you along the way to add additional decor to your cake table such as florals, candles, runners, etc.

Wedding cakes are so so fun, but we understand the stress so don't sweat it The Rustic Bliss Cakery has you covered ;)


Are you excited to begin planning your gorgeous wedding? Let's start planning! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation.

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