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Giovanna + Cole | Turtle Beach, FL

This past week Giovanna and Cole tied the knot on Turtle Beach, FL. It was a stunning beach wedding! They are both from out of state so they trusted us to create a beautiful experience for them and (not to toot our own horn) but we delivered friends :) I asked Giovanna to answer some questions for us so you could get some inspo and a sneak peek into her beautiful wedding.

How long have you and your spouse been together?

2 years and 8 months

How did you meet your spouse?

At our junior college/ Seward County Community College

How did they pop the question?

He invited me to go to a restaurant with his family in OKC, then we were taking “family pictures.” When it was our turn to take a picture, he proposed to me.

When it came to planning your wedding, what was most important to you?

That we had a photographer to take pictures of our ceremony and the location/views

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Sand ceremony, when my husband cried saying the vows, the dance opening session at the reception

How did hiring Stephanie Arias Event Planning help you plan your dream wedding?

She did everything for us. We are student athletes and would never have the time to plan a wedding, she took care of all the details

If you could provide a tip to another couple planning their wedding, what would it be?

Take it all in, it goes by way too fast! And you must have a wedding planner to enjoy the planning process and not be stressed out


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