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How to Livestream Your Wedding!

Your wedding day is something that should be shared with all of your friends and family! With Covid still being pretty prominent some of your friends and family still may not feel comfortable being in a group setting or jumping on a plane. But that doesn't mean that they won't be able to watch you marry your best friend or enjoy that beautiful moment with you.

A lot of couples who are running into this issue have opted to livestream their wedding. Read below a few things we recommend for a successful livestream.

1. Make sure your venue has a STRONG internet connection.

It is important for your venue to have a good internet connection for obvious reasons. Imagine your livestream goes down right when you're saying your I Do's... 😳

2. Assign someone that you trust to setup and test beforehand

Someone that is tech savvy preferably! You want to ensure that there is someone there that knows how to work everything and has tested all the equipment prior to the actual ceremony. You wouldn't want things being tested as your guest are walking into your ceremony.

3. Hire a professional live stream vendor to ensure there are no hiccups and the sound is perfect

You can always hire a professional and feel completely stress free on your wedding day because you know that everything will be taken care of!


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