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How to Say No to a "Plus One" in a Nice Way

As we all know, planning your wedding is not the easiest task on the planet but here we talk all things wedding planning and how to make everything a little more seamless.

One of the hardest parts when planning your wedding is oddly enough, dealing with your guests. In the long run, your wedding is all about how you envision it. Don't want plus ones? Don't have them. The beauty of planning your wedding is that you get to do whatever you want, however you want.

A lot of guests do prefer to bring a plus one but as we said before its not up to them, its all up to you! Having that conversation is quite hard so here are a few ways to make that a little less awkwardddd:

1. On your invitation you can write: “We have reserved ____ seat(s) for you at our celebratory dinner." This lets them know how many seats will be reserved for them so there is no confusion.

2. If someone asks about a plus one you can say: "While we would love for you to attend our special day, our venue permits a limited number of guests. We therefore ask that you do not bring a plus one."

3. Another one you can say is "I have always dreamed of a close, intimate wedding. For this reason, we ask that you do not bring a plus one"

There are many ways to say these things but there are just a few to help you out if you do get stuck in a pickle with a guest about a plus one!


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