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Let's Talk Invitations: What's the Difference Between Template and Custom?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the invitation suite talk? Don't worry I get it and I got you girl! This week I want to talk about the difference between template and custom invitation suites.

Let's jump right in!

When doing your research on wedding invitations and which is the best route for your event, it's important to consider a few things:

  • Timeline

  • Budget

  • Importance

Template Design Websites

Pros: Affordable, fast turnaround, some ability to do luxury finishes

Cons: Limited customization, non-personal customer service

Template design websites such as or may be the perfect option for you. These websites are great for those of you who want a tangible invitation but don’t necessarily want to invest a large portion of your wedding budget on it. These websites have a wide library of designs to choose from and websites like Minted work with independent designers to curate their collection.

They offer limited customization to their products. Certain designs come in different color options, and some wording can be personalized. But overall if you’re looking for the ability to customize things such as envelope or paper colors, these websites have a limited capability. Some designs on these websites will allow for gold foiling certain elements of the designs either through foil press or digital foil printing. This usually means that the foiling is limited to a generic part of the design and not things such as text or names.

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround time, these offer fast printing because all printing is done “in-house” with these printers. They have the capability to run quick, short runs and have a whole production team to get them out the door to you.


Custom Wedding Invitation Design

Pros: 100% customization!

Cons: Long turnaround time, more of an investment

If you’re invested in creating a fully personalized experience for your guests and looking for a way to add unique touchpoints to your wedding invitations, investing in custom wedding invitation design is the best route to go.

Custom wedding stationery allows for you to work one on one with a stationer to bring your entire vision to life. When working with a designer, you’re able to determine what the most important aspects of your wedding paper goods are. Through consultations and meetings, you determine your budget, style, design, printing methods, and luxury finishes. This gives you the most creative freedom and the opportunity to keep all elements of your wedding vision aligned.

With custom design, the options are endless. From digital printing to letterpress, thermography, or foiling, there are numerous printing methods that most custom wedding stationers offer. The same goes for added finishing touches—ribbons, wax seals, special enclosures, etc.

The one downside to custom wedding invitation design is that the turnaround time is much longer than other methods due to the process. Custom design builds your suite from the ground up. From initial design to proofing, and production, this process can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. So be sure to book your stationery designer with plenty of time in mind. Some designers can work within a shorter window but rush fees are likely and it’s possible to not achieve the same dream suite that you had been hoping for.



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