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Our Favorite Wedding Favors (And A Few We Hope To Never See Again)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

You probably found this blog while searching for ideas on what to give as wedding favors. Well friend, I got you because this week's blog is all about the perfect wedding favors for your guests and also wedding favors we never want to see again. So continue reading because it's about to get real!

You may have been to a wedding yourself where the wedding favor you received is one that you will never use. Personally, if I get another koozie with someones name and wedding date on it I'm going to chuck it at the wall (clearly I have an opinion about this.) I'm not opposed to a wine stopper (ya know your girl drinks wine), but I feel like they're totally overdone. Also, forget about the olive oil bottles and candy buffets; they're boringgg!! It's the perfect time to get creative :)

When my couples are having a hard time deciding on favors I always tell them to go the edible route. Why? Because an edible wedding favor is likely not going to end up in the trash, unlike the koozie that no one uses anymore. Some favorites would be Krispy Kreme donuts (the little wedding boxes with 2 per box), macaroons in the wedding colors, Godiva chocolates, milk and cookies, a hangover bag, etc... Whatever your style prefers!

One of my favorite things to recommend my couples to do is to try and get personal with their wedding favors. For example, I have a couple getting married this November who really wanted to give their guests a taste of their italian heritage (groom is Italian and the bride is American) and they will be giving their guests Limoncello as their wedding favor. If you don't know what Limoncello is or haven't tried it I highly recommend, it is so good!

My biggest suggestion is to think about what you would like to receive as a small gift from your own wedding. You can definitely still personalize your favors with your names and date, but at the same time getting creative with it and making it something your guests will cherish and enjoy!


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