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Should You Do a First Look at Your Wedding?

Should I do a first look at my wedding? That might be a question that you and your fiance have been asking yourselves for quite some time now. You might be asking... is it even worth the hype or should we just wait until walking down the aisle? Don't you fret, we will be breaking it all down for you!

What is a first look?

First thing is first... we have to establish what the first look actually is for those that don't exactly know.

The first look takes place right before the ceremony, once the bride and groom are dressed in their gown and suit. The first look serves as an intimate moment between the bride and the groom before the day begins. The most traditional thing to do is to wait to walk down the aisle, but the first looks have become so popular that they have even become a common tradition in itself.

So, now that you know what a first look is, let's talk about if you should do one on your wedding day!

Should you do a first look at your wedding?

One of our mottos is to make your big day your own so doing a first look or not is completely up to you! But if you are here that means you are probably on the fence about whether to do one or not so here are reasons why you should:

  1. It allows you and your partner to have some alone time before the start of the big day with all your guests.

As you may have heard from friends or family about their wedding day, most of the day is spent with other people celebrating your love, dancing, and talking, so alone time is not necessarily at the top of the list. We always recommend as much alone time as you can squeeze in. Doing a first look is the perfect opportunity to have an intimate moment with your partner to celebrate this new chapter together and do it ALONE (for just a few minutes). Yes yes, there technically will be wedding photographers there as well, but they will make sure to stay out of the way while capturing the special moment!

2. It makes for a great photo opportunity

A first look is always done before the ceremony. So that means more time for photos! And of course you want those photos to look soooo bomb and with a first look you'll achieve just that. Another thing that is great about getting more time for pictures during a first look is that it also gives you more time after the ceremony for mingling and cocktail hour.

3. It can ease the nerves

It is only natural that your partner is likely your ride-or-die, the peanut butter to your jelly, and the one who has been there to support you through the toughest days. So it only makes sense that your partner will help ease those nerves during a nerve-wracking day!

At the end of the day, doing a first look or not is totally up to you. Don't forget that you can also do a first look with whoever you want, a lot of people do it with their bridal party, parents, maid of honor, etc. Doing it is super special because you get that intimate moment with your loved ones. It's your wedding so, don't stress and do it the way you want!!


Let's chat about your wedding planning process so we can make your day so special! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation.

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