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The 6 Best Date Night Spots in the Tampa Bay Area!

The Tampa Bay Area is known for its amazing date night spots! Today we are going to give you 6 of our favorite spots so you and your significant other can have a blast!

1. Bern’s Steakhouse

Bern’s steakhouse is how the young ones would say today “a vibe”. It is the most romantic place everrrrr! Here you can enjoy the best steaks and have the BEST wine as well. Now this one is a very pricey option so that’s why we got it out of the way first but it is still AMAZING!! Just make sure to make a reservation waaaaay ahead of time because they are always booked!

2. Sunset Cruise

You can never go wrong with a sunset cruise! I mean come on you're literally on the water watching the sunset! What could get better than that? This is one of the best romantic dates that you could try with your significant other.

3. Drive-In Movie Date

Okay this is one of my personal favorites! It is so cute and intimate. There are two options in the Tampa Bay Area, the first option is Silver Moon Drive-In and the second option is the Ruskin Family Drive-In. Drive-in movie theaters are so cool and it is definitely worth a shot!

4. Armature Works

This is one of the hot spots in Tampa! It is such a cool place to have drinks or have dinner. It is also a great place to mingle and try new foods. There are so many different types of food since there are so many different vendors!

5. Dali Museum

The Dali museum is another amazing spot for date night! It is great to look at some amazing art and to have a good time. They also have a great outdoor garden, an amazing waterfront setting that makes for amazing dates, and a super cute cafe!

6. Tampa Theatre

Last but not least, we have the Tampa Theatre. The theatre is a big historic landmark in Tampa. This theatre transports you to a Mediterranean courtyard with beautiful flowers all around. It is for sure a different movie theatre experience that would make an amazing date night for any couple!

There are so many places in the Tampa Bay Area that make great date nights! These are just some of the places that we absolutely love.


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