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The Best 5 Places to Propose in the Tampa Bay Area!

It is almost fall and you know what that means... engagement season is coming up! So if you are stuck on where to propose in the Tampa Bay Area, we've got you! I can assure you though these are not your typical engagement spots, we are bringing the good stuff.

1. The Sunken Gardens

If you are looking for the peace and quiet in a naturey setting this is the one for you. The Sunken Gardens is a 4 acre, very intimate garden that offers a cozy vibe that is great for a proposal. It is perfect for a couple that loves nature and tranquility and would appreciate the greenery around.

2. Ballast Point Pier

For the moment of the actual proposal, the Ballast Point Pier is definitely a hidden gem. It is a 600-foot pier that has a beautiful view of the sunset and also a very beautiful picnic and grassy area, perfect for pictures!

3. John Ringling Museum

This is almost a guaranteed "I do" in our books. This historical museum overlooks the Sarasota bay and it makes for the most amazing proposal spot and an even better picture spot. The museum also has 3 different gardens that would make for amazing proposal spots as well.

4. Siesta Key Beach

The beach is always going to be a big option for proposals in Florida. One of the best beaches across the country is actually right here in the Tampa Bay Area. Siesta Key Beach has amazing beautiful sand and beautiful surroundings that make for a great proposal. Lastly, there is always the beach sunset that you can count, so if the beach is right up your alley then this is the way go.

5. Ulele

Ulele is a super bright and vibrant restaurant that has an amazing view of the Hillsborough river. The restaurant has a native-american cultural background. The menu is inspired by native-american foods as well. Overall, it is a very charming restaurant because of the decor and vibe all around. They also have a rooftop terrace that overlooks the river which makes for amazing pictures and a fantastic proposal spot!

These are our top 5 places around the Tampa Bay Area for a freaking amazing proposal!


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