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The Best Wedding Planning Apps of ALL Time!

Okay, we know that wedding planning is an ordeal but a fun one right? Or at least we seem to think so over here at SAEP. We are very aware though, that it is not everyone's forte and that is why we are here to help, per usual! Although we are wedding planners, we do know that wedding planning apps are all very helpful. Here are all of our favorite apps.

Best app for inspo: Pinterest

Okay, I know that there are people on the face of the earth that don't know about Pinterest but like... how???? Pinterest is the best thing ever and it cannot be ignored! Especially for inspiration. You can find so many different things on there from invitations to wedding dresses to signage etc. Pinterest is the perfect place to make wedding boards to jot down your ideas and be able to share them with the wedding professionals! If you don't have a Pinterest account, I mean this in the best way possible... what are you doing?? Go get one and start getting inspired!

Best app for invitations and decor: Etsy

Etsy is very well known for all things customization. At Etsy, you can find anything you need under the sun. But in the wedding industry, it is very well known for being a way better option than your local stationery store and also allows users to source paper goods and designs from around the globe. With invitations, Etsy can do save-the-dates, wedding suites, table numbers, etc. Versus the competitor only allows you to select from pre-designed templates.

Best for registry: Zola

Zola is awesome sauce! On Zola, you can add items and experience from the massive Zola online shop to create your perfect registry, or add on selections from any other e-commerce store or you can even create a cash fund! Zola is definitely the way to go when it comes to the registry.

Wedding planning apps can definitely help you so much during the process so don't forget about them!


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