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Wedding Flowers Do's and Dont's- By The Bay Floral Design Studio

The topic of this week is wedding flowers do's and dont's with the one and only Heather Bay, the president of The Bay Floral Studio. There is so much that goes behind all the flowers that take part in your wedding day and she is going to go ahead and break it all down for us.

One of the most common statements couples make when we sit down to chat is: “We want to use only season flowers for our wedding”. This is always a great plan to save money as well as ensure that your florals will be both available and arrive in beautiful condition. Although this is true, there are a few other less known facts that every couple and planner should know when planning a Summer wedding in Florida! Some flowers are available in the summer, and all year round, but they do not all handle the heat! If you are planning on having both your ceremony and reception outdoors in our warmer months, please take into account that some flowers and greenery do NOT like being outside longer than an hour or so…

Flowers to AVOID for outdoor ceremonies/receptions:

- Hydrangeas

- Gardenias

- Open cut calla lilies

- Gerbera daisies

- Stock

- Queen Annes Lace

- Phalaenopsis Orchids

Flowers recommended for outdoor events:

- Ginger

- Birds of Paradise

- Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids

- Protea

- Roses

- Mini calla lilies (unlike their larger ivory cousins, these have thicker waxy blooms that are

durable and come in a variety of colors)

- Sunflowers

- Million Star babies breath

- Delphinium

- Peonies (only available May – Mid July)

You may also be surprised to hear that many types of tropical greenery do NOT do well under direct sun and intense heat! They can be used vertically on archways and tied off to chairs down your aisle, but laid directly down on top of tables and placed on the ground can cause burns (that look like black spots) and immediate wilting including some very popular options that couples love.

Some of those are tropical greenery, like monstera leaves and cocculus, burn quickly/turn black and standard Robellini palms shrivel and wilt. They lose their vibrant green color and fold up on themselves.

Greenery that DOES do well outdoors:

- Ti leaves

- All Eucalyptus varieties (seeded eucalyptus is available, but not attractive May – September)

- Ruscus (both Italian and Israeli)

- And Plumosa (aka Asparagus) fern

An experienced Florist can guide you to choose the correct flowers and greenery for your special day, but its always good to do your “homework” and go into your consultations knowing a few facts before meeting.

Another “weather friendly” option that has gained popularity the last few years are dried and preserved florals. This organic and Boho style is both weather forgiving and eco friendly and with more and more couples wanting to preserve their florals after the wedding is over, these

flowers are already dried and ready to go.. saving $$ in preservation fees!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to take into account is both your ceremony and reception locations AND time of day before choosing your florals. Although our heat can get very intense in the summer months from about 11AM – 4PM, both morning and evening weddings do not have the same weather related restrictions.

Typically most vendors take this into account when planning your delivery schedules, so we do not “cook” your flowers outside and place them at the best time of day to keep everything as fresh as possible. We typically plan to arrive 2 hours prior to a ceremony to deliver first your personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers and flower girl petals) and then from there we set up as much indoors as possible.. leaving your outdoor ceremony for last.

It is always my personal recommendation to plan your summer receptions for indoor or covered locations to help decrease the stress of afternoon rain showers as well as keeping your flowers AND guests in the minimum amount of time during peak UV rays. We do have beautiful beach locations available all year round, but you should make sure your guests

(and flowers) are comfortable as well.

Side note: I have wanted to tell couples for a long time that I LOVE having pets included in ceremonies… LOVE LOVE LOVE… but each venue and ceremony location is different and as a responsible pet owner, you need to acknowledge that some locations are not suitable for your sweet puppies to enjoy your ceremony with you. IF your ceremony is taking place in warm weather and the ground covering is artificial turf, asphalt or a dark colored cement, PLEASE DO NOT walk your pups down the aisle!!! This will literally burn their poor little feet pads. Take it from someone who frequently has to kneel down on those surfaces to place aisle décor, petals, etc.. IT BURNS! If they are little you can always carry your pets, but please don’t let them burn their feet on these surfaces!!


Are you excited to start planning your ideal wedding? I can't wait to hear from you! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation :)

Florist: @bythebayfloral

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