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Wedding Traditions That We Know and Love

Times are changing in the wedding industry! So many traditions that were so beautiful before have changed and become even more beautiful now! Here are a few wedding traditions that we love!

1. Hora Loca (Party Hour)

As you know I come from a hispanic family and this is something that we have always done! This has always been such a fun time during a wedding or any party really! This time is all about leaving it all on the dance floor and having the best time with your friends and family! Normally it tends to be the last hour of the night and it involves fun party hats, glows sticks, light glasses, etc. However you do it, it is a great time to celebrate with all of your guests.

2. First looks

Okay, you guys know that I have talked about this before! First looks are one of our favorite wedding traditions of all time. First looks serve as one of the best times for pictures and the best intimate moments with your loved ones. You can choose to do a first look with your partner, bridal party, parents, etc. They are some of the most sentimental moments we have seen!

3. Veils

Veils used to be a very cultural and traditional thing that brides used to wear but now it has become more of a statement piece and boy are they so gorgeous! They add so much to your look and make an amazing prop for wedding pictures!

We may be biased on these wedding traditions but its because we’ve seen them and we love them! Whatever tradition you do on your wedding day, make sure it resembles you!


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