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What Bouquet Style is Perfect for You?

From romantic and whimsical to traditional and hand-tied, there are so many types of wedding bouquets for brides to choose from. When planning the floral design for your wedding day, you'll have plenty of choices to make! Besides your ceremony and reception flowers for the big day, choosing your bouquet will be one of the most important choices to make.

We’ll be breaking down the ins and outs of our top three iconic bridal bouquet styles. Your bouquet must be an informed decision because committing to a spouse is one thing...but committing to the right set of stems? Now that can be scary.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Cascade

The Cascade bouquet takes the shape of a waterfall, with a large concentration of flowers giving way to a looser spray that extends towards the floor. A more natural cascading bouquet will use vines or foliage tendrils loosely intertwined with blooms to achieve the shape, while the more traditional take on the cascading bouquet, sometimes called a teardrop bouquet, is more formed and formal, with more defined shape and dimension to its outside boundaries. in other words, this bouquet style is going to be on the pricier side since there is more floral involved.

The Posy

A posy bouquet is a classic bouquet style. It is typically round in shape, while the stems are cut to the same length and bound tightly together. It has very minimal additional foliage or no additional foliage at all. Their round, compact form coupled with a neat and orderly look is what makes posy bouquets a timeless beauty. The posy bouquet is one of the most common bouquets for a minimalist look. They are also very good choices if a bride is looking to wear heavy jewelry or fancy accessories

The Nosegay

This petite bouquet is the smallest bouquet type, and often only consists of a few stems of the same bloom. Nosegay bouquets consist of different flowers arranged in a neat and tidy manner. All the flowers are cut to a uniform length and then wrapped tightly together using a piece of any fancy fabric or a silken ribbon Nosegay bouquets are often reserved for flower girls or the mother of the bride, but they also make a lovely choice for a bride looking to make a quieter statement with her blooms.

We just gave you our top 3 wedding bouquets. As we know picking a spouse is one thing, but hopefully we made picking your bouquet a little bit easier. Let us know which one is your favorite!


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