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What Is Event Management?

Updated: May 10

There are so many different wedding packages out there it’s so hard to choose from. Even on our website we have 3 different ones at 3 different price points. So we want to highlight our most popular package yet! The Event management package!!!

Who is the Event Management package for?

The event management package is for those couples that have a lot of the leg work done. We will take everything you have done and put all the puzzle pieces together like contacting vendors, making sure you're not missing a vendor, etc. We begin working with you about 3 months before your big day and have a final details meeting with you to finalize all the things for your wedding day!

What is included in the Event Management Package?

The Event Management package includes:

  • Timeline development: We create a timeline for your big day and send it out to all your vendors so there will be no confusion the day of the wedding!

  • Unlimited email communication: You have unlimited email communication with us!

  • Wedding coverage: One of our lead planners and assistant will be there on your wedding day to make sure the day runs flawlessly!

  • Rehearsal: If you have a bridal party we will definitely make sure everyone knows where and what they need to be doing on wedding day

  • Confirmation of vendors: We will speak and confirm each one of your vendors to ensure they don't have any questions and know that we will be their main point of contact on your wedding day

  • Aisle Planner: You will have access to your own Aisle Planner portal (Couple's Favorite 🤩)

  • Vendor Recommendations: We will send you our preferred vendors list so you won't have to continue feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of vendors that exists.

  • Wedding Emergency Kit: Okay this one is underrated! You will have full access to our wedding day emergency kit. Most of the time you don't think of bringing essentials to your wedding such as ibuprofen, pens, scissors, tape etc. You don't have to worry about any of this because we have you covered!

So what do you think? Are you ready to book our event management package?


If you feel like you are ready to talk all things wedding, click HERE for a complimentary consultation and let's get to planning?🤗

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