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What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wait, so do you really need a wedding day emergency kit? Well friends, I would highly recommend it! You definitely want to be prepared for anything that pops up on your wedding day. Typically, if you hired a planner, they will have an emergency kit with anything you can think of but if you don't have a planner or want to have a kit of your own here are our top ten items.

  1. Jewelry cleaner

  2. Makeup for touch ups

  3. Extra earrings

  4. Printed copy of wedding timeline

  5. Safety pins

  6. Bobby pins

  7. Floss

  8. Hairspray

  9. Deodorant

  10. Pain reliever

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other items you are considering putting in your emergency kit. We would love to know!


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