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What You Should and Shouldn't DIY for Your Wedding

Details, details, details! They are so important! The big things like the right dress, the venue, and the decor are just some of the things that set the tone for an amazing wedding day!

Most of the time there is a vision for the big day and when you actually crack down and take a look at how much all these little details cost vs. how much it would cost to DIY these details, I can guarantee that it would be super tempting to DIY... EVERYTHING! But DIYing everything is far from a good idea and we are here to tell you the things you should DIY and the things that you shouldn't.

Do: DIY Wedding Favors

DIYing wedding favors is probably one of the best places where you can let your skills shine! Whether it be little snack, or signature shots, or maybe even plants this is where you can really execute those ideas that you've been seeing on Pinterest! If you choose wisely, wedding favors are one of those things that you can put together waaaay before the wedding and not have to stress about it right before the wedding.

Don't: DIY Florals

There are some things for your wedding that we do not recommend you try to do yourself, and florals is one of those things. IF you're having florals they are one of those aspects of your wedding that you want to make sure is 100% PERFECT! Don't forget that florals are a huge part of the "look" of your wedding. Even if florals aren't necessarily your priority, hiring the right professional means allll the knowledge, which means beautiful florals!!

Don't: DIY Hair and Makeup

We cannot stress this enough! This is NOT a good idea! Some could argue " I do my hair and makeup everyday, why can't I do it the day of my wedding?" Although you could totally do that, we are here to tell you why you shouldn't! Have you ever had one of those days where you want your hair to look a certain way and no matter what you do or how much product you put in it, it still won't look right? Or your winged eyeliner wont come out no matter how hard you try? Well, this would be one of those days because of all the nerves and all the pressure riding on it. On top of that, you need your makeup to last through tears, outfit changes, sweat, etc. That is not easily done but that is what the professionals are here for!

Do: Make cost effective choices

It's no secret that there are tons of different ways to cut cost in different areas. As long as you do it right, it is a great thing to do. For example, you can buy prints on Etsy or your wedding sign and it would most likely be a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Etsy is a great place to get things customized for your wedding!

Overall, DIYing is a great touch to add to your wedding to make it more personal. All we recommend is that you make sure to DIY the right things, not the things that are going to overwhelm you because there is already enough to worry about!


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