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Who is Stephanie Arias Event Planning?

Wedding planning is such a foreign topic for many and a lot of people genuinely don't know what wedding planners do! Well we are gonna break it down for you. How and why we started and what we can do for you!


Why did Stephanie Arias Event Planning start? Well, thats a fully loaded question but in a nutshell, SAEP started in 2020. Two years ago I was furloughed from my job and started asking myself what it was I actually wanted to do. It had been at least a year of me knowing I was no longer happy where I was and needed a change. So naturally, I began asking myself during this time what it was that I actually wanted to do? What made my soul happy? The answer was simple… I wanted to be my own boss and own my own business. So I did. With the support of my family I took the leap and what a leap it has been! The idea of being your own boss is great, but actually doing it is a whole other game. It was one of the craziest times for me to even think about starting a business, let alone a wedding planning business. But here we are, I could not be prouder of myself for taking that leap.

What can we do for you?

SAEP specializes in making your wedding day amazing. We remain cool, calm, and collected if something goes wrong so you don't have to feel stressed. Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and important days of your life so it NEEDS to be PERFECT. We have 3 different packages that can be found under the services tab that cater to different price points and amount of help from our end for your big day. There's the Event Management package, the Partial Planning package, and the Full Planning package. Here are a few highlights of each of them, that way you can see which one tickles your fancy!

Event management:

  • Our team takes care of your timeline development

  • There will be a planner on site the day of your wedding

  • Our team also makes sure that the day of the wedding all event items get delivered to their location & more

Partial Planning

  • Our team designs your wedding according to your taste and how you want it to look

  • We will give you customized vendor referrals that fit your needs

  • We help you book up to 3 vendors

  • There will be a planner on site the day of your wedding & more

Full planning

  • Our team not only helps you create a budget, but we also help you stay on track with that budget

  • We help you pick a venue

  • There will be a planner on site the day of your wedding

  • Our team will help you design your perfect day

  • Our team can also take care of your RSVP's & more

There is so much we can help you with to plan your big day! Our mission is to make sure that your big day is one of the best days of your life! That is why we started this business :)


Are you ready to begin planning your wedding? Click HERE for a complimentary consultation!😍

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