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Who Is Stephanie Arias Event Planning??

Today is National Entrepreneurs day and that totally resonates with me! It is a day to celebrate all those who embarked on a journey to make a difference in this world. I know that wedding planning is something so foreign to most so why did I pick wedding planning?? Well lets get into it😜

Okay so I basically grew up always planning some kind of event! I came from a middle class family in which we never NEEDED anything but there also wasn’t always money to spare. We have always been a super fun and loving family so there was always something going on! So naturally, I was always used to event planning but I really never thought of it as a job! All it took for me to realize that I wanted to plan events and weddings for the rest of my life was getting a bachelor’s degree in health administration, and 3 years in a job that I knew for sure was not what I wanted to be doing😆. I absolutely hated the corporate lifestyle!! Is there anything wrong with it? No, but it just was not for me. I hated the 9-5 hours and I hated that I had a boss lol.

Into my second year of working at this corporate job, I started having anxiety attacks to the point where I had to get on meds and that’s really when I knew I needed to make a change! SOOO then Covid hit and we were all shook, but I saw an opening… I had been thinking about wedding planning as a career shift on occasion but nothing serious. So when we all got stuck at home for months I decided to dive into it and start going for what I wanted and started taking charge of my life.

So they called me back from my corporate job and instead I took the leap and said I wasn't going back. With the support of my fiancé, family AND my savings I started working on my wedding planning business, from my moms living room, and the rest is history!

Looking back, I am so proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished and I am here to tell you that if you want to go for something you need to take the leap. There is no excuse big enough to stop you from following your dreams. Being an entrepreneur is the hardest title I’ve ever had career wise but I surely know for a fact that it is the most worth it!


Are you excited to begin planning your gorgeous wedding? Let's start planning! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation.

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