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Your First Holiday as Newlyweds!

Your first holiday as newlyweds can be so exciting but sometimes it can be a little tricky and overwhelming. Both you and your spouse have been celebrating the holidays with your own families so when you guys join your lives things might change a little. What do you do if your spouse wants to celebrate the holidays one way that you don’t? Well, we have a few suggestions for you!

1. Make a plan early!

Given that planning is literally in our company name, you can safely assume that we love to plan things out especially when it comes to the holidays! You and your spouse are both part of 2 families and that may mean a compromise is needed. This is why you need to plan early on, so no feelings get hurt. Once the holiday season starts looming, you know it is time to start planning!

2. Be fair

Although it is hard to be fair about who you want to spend the holidays with because you’ve been so use to one thing, you have to try your best! Make sure that you and your spouse have an equal say in the plans that you have set!

3. Communication

The holidays may be super fun and cozy for the most part but they can also become very stressful! Make sure that you are communicating any type of stress or uncomfortability to your spouse so that you guys can both be on the same page and know how to proceed to not allow it to happen again.

The holidays are full of joy and cheer, but sometimes they can get more complicated then we would like. Make sure to follow these 3 tips and you should be on the road to some happy holidays with your loved ones!


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