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3 Tips To Make The Most Of A Bridal Show

Updated: Jan 8

Are you looking forward to your first bridal show? Bridal shows are a great way to explore new vendors and learn more of the type of style you are wanting for your wedding. Check out these tips to make the most of your time at a show.

#1 Tip

Bring stickers with name, email and wedding date so you don't have to write it over and over. At each vendor station they will likely want you to fill some basic information out so they can contact you in the future. It is much easier and faster if you already have this basic info on a sticker and you can just put it on the sheet that they will provide for you. Most people don't think of this and have to re-write their information over and over again.

Mother and bride hugging

#2 Tip

Research the vendors who will be attending and that way you know who you want to approach. Most of the time brides go to bridal shows and have no idea who the vendors are and end up giving their info out to every vendor they come in contact with. This is fine if you want emails and notifications from all the vendors, but most times you don't. Knowing who will be there and who you want to speak to will allow you to make the best use of your time and minimize your inbox.

#3 Tip

Bring only 1-2 friends that can help you. I would limit your party to a max of three people including yourself. If you have more friends and family go with you it can become chaotic because everyone has different opinions and inputs as to which vendor you should use etc. Reducing the amount of people that accompany you will reduce the stress of having everyone's opinion being thrown at you. You can ask your maid of honor and your mom to go with you as those are typically the people that know you best.


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