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Top Three Must Have Items for Your Photographer on Your Wedding Day!

Most of the time brides are running around the last couple of days before the big day. So it may not come to a surprise to you that most will forget a few important details (unless you have a wedding planner lol). Let's assume that you don't have a planner and you decided to do everything yourself. It might be the exact reason why you landed on this blog. It's the day before your wedding and you're trying to get all your ducks in a row. Suddenly you remember your photographer saying something about doing flat lay pictures as soon as they arrive. But now you can't remember what they wanted you to have ready for them.

No worries, I got you!

Invitations 💕

First, you'll want to have your invitation suite accessible to your photographer. Flat lays are a great way to capture pictures of your invitations. Your photographer will want to take shots of it with a few other things... we'll get to that in a second! You've spent money on your invitations so you want to make sure that they are getting photographed as a lasting memory.

Flowers 🌷

You'll want to have some extra blooms from your florist. This is as simple as asking them to include one or two loose flowers when they deliver the rest of your flowers. Florals add the perfect touch to any flat lay and if flowers aren't really your thing you can incorporate items that are appropriate to your wedding venue or season. For example, you could consider citrus slices if you're getting married in southern California or tiny branch pieces if you're getting married in the winter season. There are multiple ways you can add a nice touch to your flat lays without it being expensive.

Rings 💍

And of course, the rings! You'll want to have both your rings easily accessible for your photographer. In my opinion I feel like having your rings in your flat lays elevates the picture and adds a certain level of class and elegance. Don't forget to add the ring box! If you don't have one you can ask your photographer. They will usually have one that will go perfectly with your wedding colors... I live for the velvet ring boxes!

Pro tip: Pack everything in a sturdy box with a lid to keep the items protected and easy to transport.


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